Distance e-learning has proved to be a boon for dropout students: Dr. Prakash Bhosale

January 14, 2022

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, January 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- While talking to the dropout students in the event organized by Mumbai College Student Forum, Dr. Prakash Bhosale expressed his opinions and views that E-learning or distance learning has proved to be a boon for dropout students.

According to a recent report based on the government's national survey, 12.5% of students in the country are enrolled in degree courses. But about 42% of them drop out for some reason or another. While international surveys indicate that, More than one million students drop out of college every year. Some students drop out of school voluntarily, while others have to drop out due to difficult circumstances. There may be various reasons behind this such as, Poverty, Early Marriage, job transfer of parents, Health problems, Family quarrels, Failure in exam, Early age Job or Business Opportunities, Responsibilities, etc.

In today's age of data science and technology, education is the most important tool for developing human skills. The education system has gone through various stages along the way of human civilization. India`s education system reached the ancient system of Gurukul at the most technologically advanced stage of eGurukul. Distance learning, online learning or E-learning is an educational process where students learn through online classes, video recording, video conferencing, or any other audio-visual technology. This enables students to receive an education without having to be physically present in college. Many universities are providing educational opportunities through distance or online learning. Currently, Distance or Online Learning is the best option for dropout students. Present-day education is existing in other major categories other than the conventional Campus Education mode like Distance Education, Correspondence Education, Vocational Education, Part-time Education & Online Education, E-learning.

Distance learning or e-learning is recognized by the government in India. While studying through Distance or Online Learning, one can get admission to an Indian or International Accredited University or College. Generally, these universities or colleges are accredited by UGC, DEB, HRD, AICTE, NAD, WES and other international recognitions.

Corona’s Pandemic has caused great damage to the education system. Universities, colleges and many other educational institutes in India are suffering a drop in student enrolment in relation to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the financial health of families and the mental health of students. Universities face the challenge of developing new guidelines that balance how to deal with pandemics and how to provide exciting academic experiences, such as better online education that can connect students. Students who have dropped out of college for some reason no longer have to worry. Earlier, they had to go to a regular college from a certain university to complete their education. But now there are many options available, such as distance learning, online learning, one seating, or fast track degree programs, which are UGC approved. Drop-out students can complete their education using these options.

Dr. Prakash Bhosale is a renowned business consultant, columnist and writer who delivers many lectures on business management, entrepreneurship, and online education to various entrepreneurs, student groups.

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